Events & Entertainment

Our Event Security Team are on hand. Any event, regardless of size, carries risks, such as fire hazards and unpredictable human behaviour. It is, therefore, essential for the appropriate security staff to be available.

Every member of our team is trained in first aid, fire safety, drugs awareness, conflict management and physical intervention. Should any situation arise our staff will deal with it in professional manner and with the least amount of disturbance.

We are experienced in providing security for:-

  • Universities/Colleges
  • Night Clubs
  • Sports Events
  • Conferences & Exhibitions
  • Indoor and Outdoor arenas
  • Restaurant and Wine Bar openings
  • Music Festivals
  • Community Events

Private Parties and Weddings

Our smartly dressed and customer focused staff can ensure your private event goes smoothly and only the guests on your list are admitted. We can ensure any under age guests are identified and prevented from drinking alcohol, call taxis when required and generally ensure your guests have a good time in a safe environment.

Our Service Partners

We are pleased to work with a number of service partners so we can provide a full package for your event, not just security. These partners include:

Mark Comms

Radio and communication equipment for any event or location.